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About Us

Nele Foundation began its journey in August 2000 to provide residential care amidst a loving and secure environment, for destitute children. The foundation runs 8 centres - 4 in Bengaluru, 2 in Mysuru, 1 in Tumkur, and 1 in Shivamogga respectively. The foundation has changed the lives of over 2000 children through the work done at these centres.

Facilities provided to the children at Nele include:

  • Food, clothing and shelter
  • School-based education, cultural education & social awareness
  • Sports, Music, Fine Arts, Sanskrit and Yoga
  • Awareness on health and hygiene


To create a hunger-free and well-cultured society that professes highest human values.


To create an organic ecosystem which can facilitate holistic development of a child by providing a conducive environment for blossoming the 'Innate Potentialities' latent in the Child.


An extremely heartbreaking sight in Karnataka is to see children with torn clothes and dishevelled hair, lugging a dirty bag on their tiny shoulders, picking up rags from the streets. Devoid of parents' love and affection, basic education, and support from the society, these kids have no choice but to feed on the leftovers thrown around. There are thousands of vulnerable children in and around Bangalore and nearby districts who are devoid of similar necessities, financially and emotionally. These kids often cultivate wrong habits and turn up as anti-socials. It is estimated that the city of Bengaluru alone harbours thousands of such children. As a part of the civilized society, it is our responsibility to take care of these children.

With a mission to address the challenges faced by such children, Nele Foundation began its humanitarian work. It offers a ray of hope to destitute children like rag-pickers, beggars, orphans, any other needy and neglected towards a better life. It has touched many hearts and changed many lives.

Organizational Philosophy

SEVA is the bedrock and guiding principle of Nele.

We strive to instil this idea within all personnel of Nele.

The central focus of Nele is 'The Child', around which all activities are woven.


The founder, Sri Ajith Kumar, a gold medalist in Engineering (Electrical and Mechanical), gave away a lucrative career and chose the virtuous path of social service at the young age of 23. Born and brought up at Gudibande, near Bengaluru, he plunged into the world of social service completely.

Volunteers and Donors Speak

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